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Getting Used To It

These setting changes must be jarring for most people, going from lush forests to barren wastelands and then to a settlement. I'm used to it, working as a Gate Guardian will do that to you, but I wonder how the others are coping.

I especially feel sorry for the guys with this...they're all stuck in skirts. It's way worse than my situation; I don't wear pants as a rule of thumb, but it wouldn't be the first time I did so.

[decides to lay underneath a cherry tree, leaning against the trunk]

All these stars...

This new place we found ourselves in is kinda depressing. No life in it besides us and a bunch of rotting trees. And it's like an eternal night out there, what with all the red stars.

...it makes me think of the parts of my past that I'd rather forget.

Oh darn...

I just realized that Valentine's Day is in two days. I guess it'll be another year without a Valentine, seeing as I'm stuck here, away from anyone I know.

...not that I was expecting, or wanting, Ark to give me any sign of affection, but I'd rather be spending it with him than with complete strangers! I...I just figured I may have been getting some chocolate as a friend.

I...I would have gotten him something.  J-just as a friend, but still...


I don't know what in the world just happened. One minute, I'm inspecting an area with reports of CIMA activity, and the next I find myself here. Normally, I wouldn't be surprised, since I have been drawn into another dimension before, but this looks nothing like the Gate World. And I don't know where the heck Ark is.

That guy's got more luck than anyone I know, missing some sort of dimension warp while I get sucked in!

I just need to stay calm, and get my bearings. Maybe I can find a way to get home...


Since not many people have even heard of CIMA, let alone have played it, here's a bit about Ivy...

Scanned pic from U.S. Manual

Name: Ivy F. (everyone in the game uses only a last initial so we don't know what her real last name is)
Age: 17
Occupation: Gate Guardian (they're a group of people who fight to protect humans from CIMA, a race from another dimension that feeds off human hope and life force)
Weapon: Handgun
Achievements: Becoming one of two apprentices to Six Star member Jester R. (six most powerful Gate Guardians).
Aiding in the rescue of fourteen pioneers from a series of CIMA dungeons.
Helped in defeating Pike Nighttrap of the Crimson Nine (nine most powerful CIMA).

A confident young girl who fights to protect others. Though she is extremely mature for her age, she does have a tendency to fight with her partner, Ark, over trivial things. However, the two of them have an unspoken trust between them and always know the other will pull through a tough situation.

Spoiler InformationCollapse )

The People Close To Her...Will Contain SpoilersCollapse )

For more information on CIMA, you can visit the shrine linked in the sidebar. I've compiled more tidbits about that game than any sane person needs to know in those pages.

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